What Every Woman Wants and Needs

There are many things that every woman wants and needs and one of those things is a long lasting lip stick. This is a cosmetic that should be in every woman’s purse. It is a lip stick that is intended to stay in place for a long period of time. This is usually from twelve to eighteen hours. Many lip sticks that a woman wears is easily removed by activities like kissing, drinking, or eating, or is easy smudged. With a long lasting lip stick it is formulated to withstand smudging and to stand up even through such activities.

When buying this type of lip stick it is normally sold in a package with two tubes of cosmetics. When putting it on you first apply the tube that is tinted. After you have allowed it to set then you apply the second tube, which is a clear gloss. Long lasting lip stick is great for women who do not have the time to reapply their lip stick several times during the day or do not want to have to reapply it. They want to always look their best with lip stick that is not smudged or faded.

There is one drawback to wearing this type of lip stick. It can be hard to remove and sometimes it will even remain on your lips overnight. To help remove it, you can use a cotton ball that has been dampened with olive oil or jojoba oil, or just use an oil-based cosmetic remover.